Gourmet Galle

A culinary extravaganza on the south coast of Sri Lanka

Original Video – Link Gourmet Galle, the partner festival to the esteemed Galle Literary Festival, launched an exceptional 12-week culinary celebration on the picturesque shores of the south of Sri Lanka. Conceived by Geoffrey Dobbs, the festival Director, and founder, Gourmet Galle brought people out of the wintry cold and dark countries, offering an extended […]

Daily Mirror – Gourmet Galle: Mandy Yin

Panchali Illankoon | 7 March 2024 Mandy Yin is Malaysian-born Chinese of Peranakan Nyonya heritage. She moved from Kuala Lumpur to London as a child and later became a corporate lawyer before embarking on her career in food. Having started off small with a street food stall in 2013 before pursuing her laksa bar as […]

Life Online – Gourmet Galle: Rishi Naleendra

Panchali Illankoon | FEB 29 2024 Hailing from Colombo, Rishi Naleendra is an internationally acclaimed chef who has three Michelin Stars to his name. Having honed his culinary skills in Australia, he worked in restaurants such as Taxi Dining Room and Tetsuya’s and moved to Singapore in 2014 to take on the role of chef […]

Life Online – A chat with Mark Hix

Panchali Illankoon | Feb 22, 2024 Lauded as one of Britain’s most eminent restaurateurs, and renowned for his unparalleled expertise in sourcing ingredients with distinct provenance, Mark Hix is an award-winning author and food writer with 12 cookbooks to his name. His latest book ‘Hooked’ weaves captivating stories of fishing from his childhood years to […]

Colombo Gazette – Globetrotting chefs at Gourmet Galle

Globetrotting chefs at Gourmet Galle Globetrotting chefs Jeremy Lee, Karam Gokani, Cynthia Shanmugalingam, James Lowe, and O Tama Carey have already graced the Gourmet Galle stage in the past month carrying out profound masterclasses and hosting delectable dinners in and around historic and artisan locality of Galle. Hailing from culinary capitals such as Japan, London, […]

Daily FT – Gourmet Galle 2024:Culinary extravaganza resumes in Galle

Saturday, 17 February 2024 Gourmet Galle, the culinary festival that has been tantalising taste buds since its inception, has revealed its exciting line-up of international chefs coming to Galle until the end of March. This year promises an exquisite array of culinary gurus each weekend featuring two exclusive events—an immersive masterclass and a delectable dinner, […]