Gourmet Galle

Globetrotting chefs at Gourmet Galle

Globetrotting chefs Jeremy Lee, Karam Gokani, Cynthia Shanmugalingam, James Lowe, and O Tama Carey have already graced the Gourmet Galle stage in the past month carrying out profound masterclasses and hosting delectable dinners in and around historic and artisan locality of Galle.

Hailing from culinary capitals such as Japan, London, New York, Sydney, and Singapore, the renowned chefs from around the world made their mark in Galle with their gastronomic creations.


The festival continues till end of March with more global culinary gurus making way to Galle! Tickets for the upcoming Gourmet Galle dinners or masterclasses are available on the official website, www.gourmetgalle.com.

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