Gourmet Galle

In a major development, Galle Literary Festival, last held in 2019 in the centuries-old Galle Fort in Galle — a UNESCO World Heritage Site — will be relaunched in 2024 in partnership with the SLTPB. Apsara, who will be one of the speakers at the festival, says she is confident that the festival will infuse new life into Sri Lanka’s literary tourism scene.

“By hosting the [Galle Literary Festival], Sri Lanka positions itself as a literary and cultural destination on the world stage. The festival can indeed be seen as a significant representation of the country’s identity in global literary tourism. How wonderful it would be to capture the attention of international media for unique and captivating reasons,” she adds.

Festival director Giselle Harding says the event is “fully supportive of Sri Lanka’s shift towards niche tourism, which focuses not only on numbers but on targeted visitors and helps the impact of tourism to reach a grassroots level.”

On the sidelines of the literary festival, Gourmet Galle will provide a 12-week program of culinary events from the beginning of January to the end of March. “We have invited 12 international chefs from all over the world to host two dinners and a master class in different boutique venues across the south coast of Sri Lanka, curating menu’s using fresh, local ingredients,” says Harding.

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